Psychiatric hospital enables exclusive wing for Covid 19 patients

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The National Psychiatric Hospital will enable northwest access for the exclusive admission of patients with moderate covid-19, informed Dr. Lilia de los Ángeles Uribe López, general director.

It is imperative to mention that the HNP joins the institutional resources for the approach of covid-19 patients.

This Friday, with the support of the Municipality of San José, the northwest access gate to the medical center was re-enabled for the entry of ambulances. Consulted the Municipality, it was reported that this access area is public and the only vehicular access for ambulances with patients of this diagnosis.

According to the general director, the hospital always used this access for logistics and supply issues, even for the entry of first response units in internal emergency situations.

In accordance with the implementation process, it is planned to complete this Saturday the entry of all the supplies and implements necessary to equip the first module of the covid-19 unit so that from this Sunday the 13th it receives its first patients.

Dr. Uribe guaranteed that this access will not be used for other patients, including those from the Center for the Care of People with Mental Illness in Conflict with the Law (CAPEMCOL), whose entry and exit is through the main street of the hospital.

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