Protocols for mass shows could bring dates for this type of event closer.

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Last Wednesday, August 12, the Ministry of Culture and Youth, representatives of business chambers, companies and other individual members of the mass events industry, as well as officials from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce, participated in the first virtual working session for the elaboration of the protocol for massive events.

The Center for Artistic and Cultural Production, the body responsible for the production of massive artistic and cultural activities of the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ), is responsible for leading the process.

Precisely, as detailed by the CPAC, the dialogue space served to analyze the main risks and opportunities to evaluate a reactivation for this sector. “From now on, the working groups have the main objective of developing in an articulated way a general health protocol that will be presented to the Ministry of Health for its respective review; and thus be able to join forces in the design of a responsible and progressive opening that, in the case of this MCJ, shelters the massive artistic-cultural activities and adds to the safety of the artists and the diverse public attending ”, communicated the CPAC.

This general protocol will be a tool for each company, organization and individuals to develop their own procedure that responds to the guidelines and authorizations given for the opening of mass events, according to each space or activity.

The CPAC also clarified that these documents do not require approval by the MCJ or the Ministry of Health. “In the same way, in the exercise of co-responsibility that demands the attention of the pandemic, each person in charge of massive events, from the spaces or activities to be carried out, must abide by all the official measures in force dictated by the Ministry of Health”, explained the CPAC in a press release.

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