Progress, treatments and vaccines in the fight against Covid-19 (USA)

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Dr. Antony Fauci USA (titular photo) indicated that several possible vaccines are being worked on, with the preliminary ones to be tested in the next two months. The Massachusetts-based biotech firm Modena sent the first samples of its possible vaccine, called mRNA-1273, to NIAID and the National Institutes of Health in February for testing.

The biotech company Novavax, from Gaithersburg, Maryland, is preparing several possible vaccines for clinical testing, and the first round of tests is expected to begin in the coming months, according to a statement the company made on Oct. 10. March.


While tests for the safety and efficacy of vaccines are ongoing, American producers are also busy working on new methods for treating those who are infected. In late February, the California-based company Gilead began testing the new remdesivir therapy for coronavirus disease in Asia and the United States. The company expects the results of tests it carried out in China for April.

The Seattle-based Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation approved a $ 5 million fund on March 12 to accelerate the development by the biotech company Inovio Pharmaceuticals of a vaccine delivery device designed specifically to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The device could deliver the potential INO-4800 vaccine that Inovio, of Pennsylvania, plans to begin testing in April.

Inovio has planned to start manufacturing the small, portable device by the end of the year.


United States companies are also working to more quickly screen people with COVID-19. The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is helping to fund the development of the first high-capacity test that can screen 1,000 patients a day and deliver their results in three hours.

The Biomedical Authority for Advanced Research and Development (BARDA) of the Department of Health and Human Services announced on March 9 a grant of $ 699,000 to support the work of Massachusetts-based Hologic to develop a new testing process. . The test could be ready in a matter of weeks and be eligible for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization process.

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