Programme 2020 of the Vargas Calvo Theatre

The José Joaquín Vargas Calvo Theatre, better known simply as the Vargas Calvo Theatre, is the chamber theatre of the National Theatre of Costa Rica; a room that during 2020 will offer a total of eight theatrical co-productions, whose programming will focus on gender issues.

The programme will begin with the winner of the 2019 National Drama Competition, La balada post-futurista de los molluscos, written by Bryan Vindas Villareal and directed by Gladys Alzate. In addition, there will be a children’s season in September; the programme will close with the winner of the 2020 National Drama Competition.

The general entrance fee is 8,000 colones; students and elderly persons with a card, 5,200 colones. This discount applies only to the Theatre Ticket Office and via the call centre. The children’s season will have a special price that will be announced in due course.

Buy tickets at the ticket office of the National Theatre, on the web portal and at tel.: 2010-1110.

Here is the description of the plays that will house the Vargas Calvo:

The post-futuristic ballad of molluscs • From 7 to 16 February. Winner of the National Playwriting Contest 2019 written by Bryan Vindas Villareal. Directed by Gladys Alzate.

• Synopsis: Alejandro, an 18-year-old boy, was hospitalized three months ago for a failed suicide attempt. Since his coma and through his interaction with the other characters in the play, he tells us many of the family situations he has lived since he was a child, through which we understand the reasons that led him to make this decision. The work through a poetic and surreal language reflects many of the circumstances of domestic violence that some Costa Rican households are going through at the present time and as these affect the characters emotionally, limiting their life potential. A story that helps us understand the importance of communication in preventing violence.

To dream that we are not running away • From February 28 to March 29. From the Mexican playwright Ana Francis Mor. Inspired by Ricardo III by W. Shakespeare. Co-production with the Teatro ABC-O. Directed by Natalia Regidor

• Sinopsis: Ricardo III has placed a price on his wife’s head, she flees with her noble maid hoping to arrive alive at the border so she can cross to the other side to be free and live. In this traffic, they’re hit by a hit man, a contractor as you prefer to be called. The life of the queen hangs in that thread, her life is in the hands of another. Power, money can more?

La bruta espera • From 24 April to 24 May. By Julio Chávez. Address: Tatiana Chaves

• Sinopsis: La Bruta Espera is composed of three short works by the Argentinean actor and acting master, Julio Chávez: «La Bruta Espera» (The Brute Wait), |El AS en la manga[ and ~Los Amores de Águeda. These are three stories that tell a turning point in the lives of six women in different contexts.

La bruta espera

In the first, Nancy, a new mother, tells her many logical fears to her friend Matilde, who is about to have her fourth child. Although the young mother seems unwilling to give birth, the reasons for her fears soon become apparent.

– El AS en la manga (The Ace in the Sleeve) tells the story of Eli, a domestic servant with an unbridled capacity for imagination, and Meche, a small woman, subdued by the overflowing personality of her cousin. An unexpected turn of events, discover the true nature of Eli and the tragedy of Meche.

-The Loves of Agatha. Finally, in the last act, the tragicomedy between Águeda, a naive teacher, blind to reality and ridiculously corny and Leonor, a pragmatic shoe maker who tries to prevent her younger sister from suffering the pain and humiliation of an uncontrollable situation, which produces a surprising outcome.

La casa de fuego • From the 5th to the 28th of June. Adaptation of the work

• Sinopsis: Long ago Nora crossed a door that has not seen her return. Today it rings and Nana opens it. It’s her. Again. Fifteen years later. She has become a famous and controversial author, who has deepened her position and turned it into a political discourse that leaves her books and infects her contemporaries. He comes in search of Torvaldo. His help will keep her out of jail. He, who has barely managed to rebuild his life, is astonished and surprised. Nora will ask for help from her daughter, who barely remembers her, and Nana. She is still, as we recall, a strong woman who will now face the consequences of her abrupt departure. Everyone will have something to say to her. She must listen. And speak.

Lobo negro •  Del 9 al 12 de julio. Dramaturgo: Rodrigo David Gutiérrez. Dirección: Uriel Morera. Coproducción con Teatro Crisol

Lobo negro

Sinopsis: The link between the human and the animal where there is a code among the wolves: to obey the hierarchy, to maintain order and to obey the rules; however, this is the story of a rebel. On a windy plateau, a young wolf struggles to survive against a series of herd-imposed rules.

Faloidoscopio • From 16 to 19 July. Direction and dramaturgy: Fernando Thiel. • Synopsis: It is a critical humorous monologue in one act. After not finding a job, a 55-year-old man is employed in a pharmaceutical lab to promote a pill for sexual impotence. To do this you must dress with a penis boot and stand on the corners of the city for eight hours in the sun and face the criticism or mockery of passers-by handing out flyers or pills. This generates in him anguish and disappointment regarding the manhood of men.

Mi Paulina • From 23 to 26 July. Dramaturgy: Valeria Varas. Direction: María Bonilla. Coproduction Teatro Ubú • Sinopsis: Recrea la historia de Paulina, born in the mining and desert area of Chile, her study trip to the United States, the military coup of Pinochet to Salvador Allende, her imprisonment and torture and her exile in Costa Rica, where she marries, becomes a social worker, has a child and becomes a writer. It is an autobiographical work of poetic character, in which two characters appear: the girl Pauline, adolescent and woman suffering from prison and torture and the mature Pauline, who tells her story.

Seduction: erotic stories •

Seducción: relatos eróticos

From 6 to 9 August. Address: Juan Madrigal. Co-production: Compañía Escénica Juan Cuentacuentos • Synopsis: Unipersonal show of erotic narratives that seeks to leave the desire to make and to be felt. The right to sexual pleasure is openly spoken of…

He was the flutist of Hamelin • From 30 August to 13 September. Director: Juan Madrigal. Co-production: Compañía Escénica Juan Cuentacuentos. • Sinopsis: It was in the year 1200 I do not remember, when rats invaded the castle of Hamelin. The king offered 1000 gold coins to anyone who took out all the rats. Many came to win the coins, but only a strange flautist succeeded.


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