Hostal à Río Celeste Villa Celeste Katira

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About the accommodation

  • Cabins with double bed and single bed.
  • In a property of incredible scenic beauty
  • With access to restaurant. Wifi and ample parking
  • 10 minutes from the Volcan Tenorío national park.
  • 40 minutes from La Forturna de San Carlos and the Arenal Volcano
  • Directly in front of Río Celeste.
  • You can book tours on arrival at the property
  • Pets Allowed.

About the place.

Villa Celeste Katira is a familiar endeavour initiated by don Martín Castro and his wife Sara Silva. More than 20 years ago. That now also incorporates their children. Located in the district of Katira in Guatuso. Villa Celeste is a unique destination. Equipped with cabins with all the amenities inside, large parking lot , hostel and even camping area. The property that allows you to bathe in the incredible waters of the Río Celeste, day and night hiking within its trails all on the shores of the impressive river.

All just 20 minutes from Volcan Tenorío National Park and 5 minutes from the District center. Villa Celeste Katira not only offers the ability to stay in comfortable cabins but the ability to participate and purchase other in various services and tours.





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