Production “Guerra de 1856” by Dionisio Cabal and the group “La Cruceta” will be premiered virtually through social networks of the Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum

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The Cantata audiovisual material: “The War of 1856-1857”, which was filmed in 2016 at the National Theater, will be shared through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram of the Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum (MHCJS), this coming Saturday 11 April 2020, starting at 6 pm

The audiovisual production was facilitated by the National Radio and Television System (Sinart), with the authorization of its intellectual author: Dionisio Cabal Antillón.

It will be a virtual premiere that takes place in commemoration of the 164th anniversary of the Battle of Rivas, Nicaragua, and the heroic action of the Alajuela soldier, Juan Santamaría.

It should be noted that Sinart Channel 13 will program the “Cantata 1856-1857” for Thursday and Sunday of the week after Easter, at the following times: Thursday, April 16, 9 p.m.; Sunday, April 19, 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

The Cantata “The War of 1856-1857”

This presentation, filmed at the National Theater of Costa Rica, commemorated the 40th anniversary of the premiere of this artistic and educational piece, which has since toured the entire Costa Rican territory. On that occasion, they accompanied their intellectual creator, the group: “La Cruceta”, the actor Gustavo Rojas Antillón, the vocalist (bass) Jorge Rodríguez Solera and the singer (soprano) Amanda Quesada Montano.

Producción “Guerra de 1856” de Dionisio Cabal y el grupo “La Cruceta” se estrenará de forma virtual por redes sociales  del Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría

The Cantata “The War of 1856-1857” proposes a rereading of the historical process known as the “National Campaign”, from the causes of the armed conflict; the socio-political context of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the United States, in the mid-19th century; the role of women, peasants, among other protagonists, hitherto anonymous. However, Cabal suggests that the primary objective of his work is to make visible and vindicate the memory of the heroes and heroines of the feat, especially Juan Rafael Mora Porras, Juan Santamaría, Francisca Carrasco, Nicolás Aguilar Murillo, among others.

“The MHCJS has a tradition of presenting this show every April 11 (or close dates), however, as this commemoration coincided in 2020 with Easter, as well as compliance with the health recommendations issued by the Government authorities to mitigate the propagation of COVID-19, the Institution’s Museum Services Area, coordinated to make this valuable artistic and educational piece available to its public, through the aforementioned digital platforms, ”said Adrián Chaves Marín, coordinator of Museum Services at the Historical Cultural Museum Juan Santamaría.

The virtual premiere of this audiovisual production will be next Saturday, April 11, 2020, starting at 6 p.m. “It is intended that the memory of the value and leadership of our ancestors inspire generations of the present to face adversities, especially in the midst of this exceptional situation we are experiencing,” Chaves concluded.

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