Private flights and yachts will be able to enter Costa Rica from September 1

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Opening to private flights

Minister Segura added that as of September 1, private flights from the United States will also be allowed to enter the country, given that due to their size and nature they have a much lower epidemiological risk.

For those who come aboard private flights, the same requirements already described will apply. In case they come from an unauthorized state or country, they will be subjected to an exception mechanism to analyze case by case.

Gradual maritime opening

Fulfilling the same entry requirements that the country demands from the previous August 1, private yachts will also be able to enter the country from the next September 1.

If the passengers do not bring the negative PCR test with them, or if they set sail from a city or country not authorized until now, they will receive a quarantine health order from which the days they have been at sea will be deducted from the last sailing recorded in the yacht’s log.

This could represent the entry of a hundred private yachts in the remainder of the year in the different marinas: Golfito, Los Sueños, Pez Vela, Banana Bay and Papagayo.

In 2019, 53% of international arrivals by air were from the United States of America. The average stay of an American tourist is 12.6 nights and their average spending is US $ 171.6 per day

About 12% of this country’s employment was generated by tourism before the pandemic. Some 600 thousand people depend on this industry, which last year contributed almost 4 billion dollars in foreign currency and which represents around 10% of GDP.

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