Press Release Paradise Products Costa Rica and Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica. Covid-19

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Paradise Products Costa Rica and La Casa del Cacao in Costa Rica report that: 1) In immediate compliance with the procedures, strategies and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the Government of the Republic and other institutions in charge of decision-making, in observance of the pandemic situation. 2) Offering our support and maximum interest in overcoming the unfortunate gap in the normal development of our lives.

We are preparing to immediately comply with the half-capacity operating provisions ordered by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Costa Rica. Being that La Casa del Cacao of Costa Rica will start operating at 50% capacity. Being the maximum capacity of the restaurant 44 person. Therefore, the maximum accepted will be 22 diners sitting simultaneously at the tables.

However, they can use the window to request takeaways for those who want and emails are available: /

And the phone +506 2221-9287

To receive take-away orders. It is recommended to do them 10 minutes in advance.

Paradise Products Costa Rica activation of Epidemic and Pandemic Protocols.

Paradise Products Costa Rica takes advantage of this to re-communicate that since the beginning of March it has activated its Pandemic protocols, which guarantee the protection of those customers who have made use of our booking engines. And also that until further notice all reservations except those free must be approved by our team.

In other words, until we are in control of the pandemic or receive the green light from the corresponding authorities, our booking engines will not automatically process payments for any of our activities, destinations and accommodation.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause for the usual development of our clients’ activities and vacations. Those interested can read more in Our Official Statement.

Paradise Products Costa Rica Blog serving the information on the Covid-19

In attention to the urgency of the country and the high traffic of people from all over the world who have read our blog since the beginning of March, the company has been dedicated to sharing and translating the contents and official announcements of the government and other official institutions. All posts will be organized in the Covid-19 category. Or at the end of each post.

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