President of the Republic and of the Legislative Power unite in a historic call to dialogue to determine the future of the country’s finances.

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This Sunday, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, and the President of the Legislative Power, Eduardo Cruickshank Smith, convened a multi-sector dialogue table to reach agreements as a country on issues of employment, economic growth and immediately avoid a crisis.

The table convened to address fiscal stability will begin this Saturday, October 17 and will have a period of 4 weeks. Once the agreements of the first stage of dialogue have been reached, a second stage will be convened to deal with the issues of employment, growth and economic recovery.

“In this Multisectoral Table of Agreements we will address the need for fiscal stability as an immediate priority. We need to take measures to avoid a fiscal crisis, to guarantee the well-being of Costa Ricans and protect social investment. We want to avoid an increase in interest rates and inflation, so that people pay less for their credits and also have more money to consume, thus we will generate confidence to reactivate economic activity, consumption, investment, and generate jobs ”Explained the President of the Republic.

For his part, the legislative president pointed out that the space convened will be the tool to reach a consensus on the great agreements that the national reality demands today.

“I am filled with enormous hope knowing that the representatives of the various sectors will have space to present their proposals and exchange perspectives in an atmosphere of respect and harmony, and in adherence to democratic and institutional ways. As President of the Legislative Assembly, I call on all parties, various sectors and legislative fractions to join and support this effort that we are calling today. ” Cruickshank pointed out.

The President of the Republic recognized the goodwill of various sectors that have organized and responded to the call for dialogue and pointed out that they will be fundamental in this process, which must have multisectoral representation.

In addition, the President affirmed that the Executive Power assumes a concrete commitment to the results of the dialogue process by taking public policy actions that are framed within the agreements reached; He clarified that in matters in which a majority recommendation of the members of the table is not possible, the Executive Power will proceed according to its criteria.

State of the Nation as a facilitator. The Multisectoral Agreement Table will have a third party who will facilitate dialogue and the construction of agreements through an adequate methodology and operationalization.

This role of facilitator will be carried out by Jorge Vargas Cullell, director of the State of the Nation Program, an institution of recognized prestige and independence in the country, in charge of the design of the rules of the process and the methodological compliance by all the actors. .

The bases of the methodology and the representation requirements can be found on the website:

Territorial process. Listening to the communities and their problems, the Government also announced the beginning of a process in the territories to approach the different regions of the country and attend to the immediate needs of the people.

Therefore, in parallel to the Multisectorial Table of Agreements, the Executive Power will also call a process of dialogue in the territories, which will be in charge of the Government, which will convene the living forces of the communities.

Costa Rica is a different country, of work and peace, let us honor our roots at this time. I appreciate the prayers you make for the authorities of the country, for Costa Rica, and now also for the success of this dialogue process. ” Alvarado Quesada finished.

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