President of Costa Rica puts the response to the current crises of humanity into responsible ecological practices in dialogue with the NYU Brademas Center and the NYU Washington.

Carlos Alvarado NYU
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With three photos on his cell phone, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, made his introduction in the virtual dialogue with the NYU Brademas Center and the New York University (NYU Washington, DC) called “Prioritizing biodiversity and green energy: a conversation with the Costa Rican president Carlos Alvarado ”.

One of these portrayed his visit at the inauguration of the Costa Rica Space Radar with NASA astronauts, Edward Lu and Franklin Chan, who he said represent courage, passion and discipline, something necessary to achieve our goals on climate change issues. .

The second photo, of him with his son Gabriel, represents the future of the next generations. “In a couple of years, if we don’t act, the world will be a difficult place. Think of your children, your nephews. What kind of world are we going to give them? ”Said the president.

Finally, he showed another image with the map of Costa Rica, where he detailed that our country is made up of 92% sea, which is why he stressed the importance of integrating solutions based on the oceans. The president reaffirmed the Costa Rican initiative, together with France and the United Kingdom, called the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People (HAC), whose goal is to conserve 30% of the land and sea surface by 2030.

The event was attended by Geovanny Vicente, in charge of leading the dialogue, and the environmental expert Claudia S. de Windt, executive director of the Inter-American Institute on Justice and Sustainability (IIJS). In addition, the activity featured live questions from students and the general public who demonstrated their enthusiasm for the work carried out by the country on environmental issues.

The president presented the trajectory of Costa Rica and the global vision of multilateral approaches to environmental policy such as the Paris Agreement, the implementation of the electric train, the use of 99% of energy generated by renewable sources, as well as the National Plan Decarbonization (Pnd) 2018-2050, which seeks to reach zero net emissions by 2050, while promoting the modernization and dynamization of the economy under a vision of green growth.

Among the questions posed by the public to the Costa Rican president are the demilitarization of the country, the expansion of the Pnd to regional areas and our initiatives at the international level in terms of biodiversity.

The president was also consulted about the Escazú Agreement, to which he replied that he was in the Legislative Assembly. “If it were up to me, I would have already ratified it, but right now it is not up to me,” said Alvarado.


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