President and Ministers will charge 15% less per month starting today.

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This Wednesday, August 19, the official newspaper La Gaceta publishes the executive decree, signed by Carlos Alvarado, President of the Republic, and Elián Villegas, Minister of Finance, which formalizes a reduction, equivalent to 15% of his working day, of the salary that the vice presidents and ministers of this administration become.

The provision applies from this second half of August. This measure was announced by the president on Thursday, August 7, as one of the Government’s actions to join the sacrifices and efforts made by Costa Ricans during the emergency caused by COVID-19.

Vice-presidents and ministers will be deducted from their salary the equivalent of 15% of their working hours “as a solidarity and voluntary contribution due to the economic situation facing the country”, details decree number 42519-H.

“(…) The Vice Presidents of the Republic and the Ministers of the current Administration have agreed to voluntarily deduct from the salary that they accrue equivalent to a possible reduction of the working day of 15%; however, said salary deduction will not be accompanied by a reduction in the working hours of the hierarchs. This as a proposal for a solidarity contribution given the financial difficulty facing the country and on the occasion of the state of emergency due to COVID-19 ”, explains the official document.

The National Treasury, a dependency of the Ministry of Finance, will be in charge of depositing those monies in the Unique State Fund as a donation, adds Article 1 of the executive decree.

Also, the National Treasury is authorized to make the necessary adjustments in the payment systems in order to meet the request of the hierarchies.

The provision will be maintained until December 31, 2020, with the possibility of an extension, specified in the third of the articles of the decree.

With this decision requested by the hierarchy, this Administration is consistent with the multiple actions taken to reduce spending and make proper use of public resources in this crisis.

“That in the national state of emergency due to COVID-19, the Costa Rican economy has been affected, particularly by its decline and the increase in the projected fiscal deficit. For this reason, the different instances of the Executive Power are working hard on the stability of the economy and on enhancing its recovery in the current context generated by the pandemic and to face the economic impact caused by the current emergency framework ”, adds the decree in its recitals.

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