Prepare for an increase in tolls on the route to San Ramón

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By law, the highway is financed mainly with toll rates that have not been updated for 18 years in any of the two tolls charged on that route (one per direction of circulation), from San José to San Ramón.

The Trust has repeatedly warned that the current collection for tolls does not allow it to face the physical and financial planning that has been carried out, as there is a significant limitation of funds.

Only with these new resources, the Ruta Uno Trust will be able to undertake expropriations, resettlements and relocation of public services, among other actions, to ensure the feasibility of the project of design, construction, operation and maintenance of the 55 km road corridor between San José and San Ramon.

In this context, this Thursday, the National Highway Council (CONAVI) approved the new rate structure proposed by the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR), in its role as Trustee, prior to requesting the corresponding guarantee from the Services Regulatory Authority Public (ARESEP), as established by Law No. 9292.

According to the proposal, the toll rates to be charged to the light vehicle would range from ¢ 225 to ¢ 275 in Río Segundo and from ¢ 475 to ¢ 525 in Naranjo.

The application of the new rate structure is scheduled as of October 1 next; However, the Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Rodolfo Méndez Mata, warned that the amount of the toll rates and the date of their application will depend on the approval given by ARESEP.

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