A woman positive for Covid-19 gave birth on Saturday.

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This Saturday marked another chapter in the history of the care of the pandemic by COVID-19 in Costa Rica, after confirming the first birth of a baby, in a hospital of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), whose mother is a positive patient for this disease.

The information was released by Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, executive president of the CCSS, who explained that the delivery was attended at the San Juan de Dios hospital and that both the mother and the baby are in good health.

“The mother and baby are fine and that is the most important thing. The CCSS has the capacity to attend to these cases in the best way, but we insist on the call to prevent infections and hopefully prevent pregnant women from having to face this disease while carrying out their pregnancy and childbirth, “said the president.

Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo, medical manager of the CCSS, said that the woman, 38 weeks pregnant, and who originally had a cesarean section for Tuesday, had to be admitted to the hospital this Saturday and had a successful operation. The birth was registered at 8.14 p.m., the youngest had a weight of 3,100 grams and a height of 49 centimeters.

“This is one more achievement for social security and a sign that as a country we can get ahead but I call for people not to let their guard down, this is not over and we must maintain prevention measures such as physical distancing and laundering hands »said Ruiz.

For her part, Dr. Ileana Balmaceda Arias, medical director of the San Juan de Dios hospital, said that after the cesarean section the mother and daughter are in a joint accommodation and that the hospital applies all biosafety protocols for these cases.

“Once she was born, the baby was tested to detect if she has the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID-19 as well as her mother to verify her current status and we will wait for the results to proceed accordingly . We hope to discharge the patient and her baby in the next few hours, ”explained the director of San Juan de Dios.

Dr. Laura Pérez, head of the Anesthesia service at the San Juan de Dios hospital, thanked the entire team that was involved in the caesarean section for both the operating room and general services and surveillance, “all have been essential,” said the specialist.

According to Pérez, the care of this delivery required a special protocol from the hospital staff since the caesarean section was not performed in a delivery room operating room but in one of the operating room operating rooms.

Dr. Joaquín Bustillos, chief of obstetrics at the hospital and a high-risk specialist, and who was in charge of the caesarean section, explained that it was a successful process that lasted 50 minutes, adding that there were no complications and that the baby is in perfect condition.

As part of the monitoring that the CCSS does for positive patients for COVID-19 throughout the country, the institution implemented a monitoring strategy with phone calls by specialists in family and community medicine that is carried out from the Center for Strategic Development and Information in Health and Social Security (CENDEISSS).

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