Positive cases of Covid in the CCSS Serum Laboratory.

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The laboratory that produces the different serums that are needed in the hospitals, clinics and headquarters of ebáis of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) guarantees the supply of these supplies after an official from that unit tested positive, this Sunday, in the test by covid-19.

Engineer Randall Herrera Muñoz, head of the CCSS Parenteral Solutions Laboratory, confirmed that there will be no shortage of product since in recent weeks they have worked on strengthening inventories.

“Anticipating the increase in cases due to community transmission by covid-19, we proactively organize ourselves to manufacture more physiological, glucose, mixed sera and pediatric solutions and thus meet the needs of health centers in a timely manner,” explained engineer Herrera.

The head of the area confirmed, in addition, that four workers from that laboratory are given home monitoring because it was determined that they had close contact with the person confirmed with the disease and explained that from today until next Wednesday cleaning and disinfection will be intensified of the different areas, the production of sera will also be resumed on Thursday, July 16.

This is the second time that a positive case has been presented in the staff working in this laboratory of the Caja and on both occasions, the transmission of the virus has been cut, with a timely and efficient approach to the outbreak.

At the Parenteral Solutions Laboratory, 105 employees work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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