Police will redouble efforts to enforce sanitary measures at Easter

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“Starting today, the Public Force will be making an additional effort to continue strictly complying with the sanitary measures issued by the Ministry of Health in the face of the national emergency following the global pandemic due to the covid-19 coronavirus.”

In this way, the director general of the Public Force, Commissioner Daniel Calderón Rodríguez, referred to the tightening of the actions at Easter in order to guarantee the effective compliance with the new restrictions issued by the government of the Republic for this time, which will run from this Friday until next Sunday 12, inclusive.

He emphasized that, in coordination with all the police in the country, important efforts are being made to comply with border surveillance, supervision in commercial premises and sanitary vehicle restriction, without neglecting citizen security, “so the support of the population is essential ”, he expressed.

“We have had important responsibilities to ensure compliance with the guidelines that have to do mainly with the closure of premises, in the first instance bars and restaurants, but now the control extends to all the premises that have attention to the public,” said Calderón.

In this context, he detailed that to date the authorities have closed a total of 5,214 premises for non-compliance with the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health since March 17 and 62 people apprehended for contempt. In the last 24 hours alone, 240 closed stores and 126 notifications to establishments were counted.

The director general of the Public Force indicated that although significant efforts are being made by the police to enforce the measures, people are expected to comply with the guidelines of staying at home. “We appeal to the public conscience, we are sure that they will make our work much easier and in this way they will collaborate with the country in the attention of this emergency, saving lives,” said Daniel Calderón.

And he concluded: “Follow the recommendations, stay home. Continue to collaborate with the police and health authorities, we hope that this Easter, the population is aware of and attends to health measures for the good of the entire population. ”

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