Pierre Baudie, a pastry chef from Paris, at the 1887 Cenac Theater

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Pierre Baudie is a Parisian pastry chef who, out of economic necessity, falls into the speculative game of John Law, an eccentric Scottish economist who involves the French court in the issuance of paper money and shares of a mining company, the Mississippi Trading Company, which It will supposedly bring gold from America. This game awakens his greed and Pierre and Madelaine, his wife, a noble, become millionaires speculating with actions. But the same game, which is nothing more than a fabulous financial scam, leads to bankruptcy and Pierre ends up imprisoned in the prison of La Bastilla, separated from his pregnant wife who has disappeared.

This will develop the play “Farandulá Faranduló”, performed by Rubén Pagura, whose premiere will be this Thursday, February 27, at 8 pm, at the 1887 Theater, located in the National Center of Culture (Cenac), in front of the Park Spain. The show will have eight unique performances, from Thursday to Sunday at 8 p.m.

The actor will present the work to the public as an anonymous dramatic text of the eighteenth century that will represent the style of the comedians of the league with the help of a few “gossip” or objects of little value. He clarifies that he has no intention of referring to current events and that any resemblance of history with contemporary characters or events is pure chance.

The story of the fabulous fraud of John Law seemed like a good pretext to address theatrically one of the great issues of today: the dramatically unfair distribution of wealth in the contemporary world and the greed of the elites“, Pagura explained.

 About the actor Rubén David Pagura Alegría


Actor, singer-songwriter and dramaturge. Born in Argentina in 1949, he began studying music at the ISEDET School of Music, Buenos Aires, in the late 1960s, when he also began his singing career.

In 1970 he emigrated to Costa Rica, where he studied acting at the Theater School of the University of Costa Rica. He developed and performed professionally in the theater in Costa Rica for 45 years, participating in various groups and companies. He returned to Argentina in 2014. He has won the National Theater Award for Best Debuting Actor (1973), Best Actor (1975), Best Group (Quetzal -1992), Best National Work (Navel Memories of the World – 1992). Prize for the Best Live Music Show, Cairo Festival, Egypt (1993) – Argentine ACE Award for the best foreign show – 1998/99 Season – for “El Viejo y el Mar”. National Award for Best Actor for “Julius” (2009). “Viva” Award from La Nación for the best show for “Julius” (2010). National Award for Best Actor for “Romeo and Juliet” (2012). Aquileo Echeverría National Award, Dramaturgy Category, for “Julius” and “Memorias de un juglar” (Costa Rica – 2018).

 The characters:

  • Pierre Baudie: pastry chef from Paris.
  • John Law: Scottish economist adviser to the Regent.
  • The Duke of Orleans (The Regent), representative of the crown with full powers.
  • Madelaine: noble and wife of Pierre.
  • Gastón: jeweler of Paris.
  • Bishop
  • Basilio: African beggar.

What? Farandulá Faranduló

When? From February 27 to March 8, 2020

Schedule: Thursday to Sunday 8 p.m.

Where? Teatro 1887 del Cenac

Electronic ticket office on site:

¢ 7,500 general admission and ¢ 4,000 for students and citizens with gold card.

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