Parque La Libertad opens training opportunities for young people who do not work or study.

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La Libertad Park opened the call and selection process for the Executive Technician for Service Centres and the Occupational and Environmental Health Manager programme, in order to provide opportunities for young people in vulnerable conditions, who do not work for pay and do not study, so that they can enter the labour market.

La Libertad Park reported that, through these two programmes, it seeks to generate training opportunities for young people living in poverty, to help them position themselves with better conditions when entering the workforce.

Both programmes will be held at the Parque La Libertad, located in Fátima, Desamparados, San José.

Executive Technician for Service Centres

Through this technician, the young participants will be able to obtain tools and develop skills that will enable them to perform satisfactorily in public or private companies, providing excellent internal and external customer service.

“This technician was born out of the demand from young people for training. We saw the need to provide young people with tools and skills that would allow them to find work more quickly,” said Karol González, Human Development Manager at Parque La Libertad.

The training process will last 6 months, plus 2 months of internship, where participants will learn about customer service, information and communication technologies, management and negotiation, development of employability skills, among other training components.

To be part of this process, those interested must be between 18 and 25 years of age, have completed high school, not be a graduate of a professional technical school and be available to work. To find out more about the Executive Technician for Service Centres, please write to:

Occupational Health and Environment Manager

With the aim that young people in vulnerable conditions in the areas surrounding La Libertad Park can improve their quality of life by working in different areas, the Environmental Axis of La Libertad Park opened the Occupational Health and Environment Manager programme.

“With this programme we seek to position young people in the labour market by responding to the current needs for green skills within companies and risk management, which are indispensable in business,” said Sara Ramirez, environmental manager of Parque La Libertad.

During this process, the young people will learn about occupational health plans, emergency plans, waste management, air pollutants, as well as basic English, information and communication technologies, among other topics.

Among the requirements to be part of this programme are to be between 18 and 26 years of age, to have passed the last year of school with or without high school, to be available to work and to pass a selection test.

For more information on the Occupational Health Manager programme, interested parties can contact WhatsApp 8389-0047; tel. 2274-9600, ext. 2016 / 2017; or email |

To find out more about these options, as well as other courses or workshops, visit the Parque La Libertad Facebook page.

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