Parque La Libertad opens enrolment for courses for young people with disabilities

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Given the current health emergency, it is essential to support initiatives that develop artistic, environmental, sporting and technological skills on an equal footing for all people, so that they can access new knowledge.

For this reason, the Consejo de la Persona Joven (CPJ), together with the Parque La Libertad, in order to have a wide, friendly and attractive offer for young people with disabilities, opened the registration period for the courses of the “Moving with Freedom Programme”, which closes on 26 February 2021.

This programme seeks to develop recreational spaces for comprehensive care, in various thematic areas, allowing the psychosocial development of those who participate to be strengthened.

On this occasion, those interested will be able to find courses in inclusive performing arts, body expression, hydroponics, bonsai, yoga, neuro training, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It is important to note that this offer is aimed exclusively at young people with disabilities, who are between 12 and 35 years of age. The courses will be offered in virtual and face-to-face mode, depending on their characteristics.

“The psychosocial benefits evidenced in the first year of the project’s implementation set a precedent in our country and demonstrated the responsibility of giving sustainability to inclusive cultural spaces, such as those offered by Parque La Libertad. We are grateful to all the participants for their performance and joy, and we hope that this year they will also be able to join us”, commented Marcia Romero, pedagogical advisor of the “Moving with Freedom” project.

For details of each of the courses, please visit the following website:

For more information about the programme or other activities, please consult the Facebook page of Parque La Libertad, as well as its website

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