Paradise Products message for the Costa Rican Tourism sector.

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On behalf of the Paradise Products Costa Rica team, we want to show solidarity with the Costa Rican tourism sector. It goes without saying that the situation caused by the Coronavirus Covid-19 has led the Costa Rican tourism sector to the worst crisis in its history.

We have never had a zero income season before. Paradise Products Costa Rica has actively worked with various tourist companies and tour operators for years, our mission has always been to expose the wonders of our beloved country to the world.

Faced with the pressing situation, far from sitting down to regret, at Paradise Products Costa Rica we have set ourselves the task of developing a comprehensive and aggressive recovery plan that we will make known to the general public and especially the tourism sector.

  1. We have developed a new booking platform that puts us on par with the main booking platforms worldwide.
  2. We have created a general plan for discounts, benefits, reservations and loyalty for new customers.
  3. We have developed a recovery strategy for La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica and Chocolates Soleil, its workshop and museum.
  4. We have established relationships with the Oro, Jade and Nacional museums in conjunction with La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica, Paradise Products Costa Rica and various tour operators and tourist destinations. And we want your business to be part of our plan.
  5. We will make available our services, tourist information center and physical store located on the second floor of La Casa del Cacao in Costa Rica to those tourist service providers interested in working with us.
  6. We are contacting airlines that had direct routes to Costa Rica to offer each and every one of their clients exclusive services and discounts and other privileges for traveling to Costa Rica.
  7. We expand our network services to offer a complete and comprehensive experience in customer service and management.
  8. You resume our expansion plan to European soil as soon as possible, we are more determined than ever and we know that we will succeed.

Moteur de réservation.

Pour les entreprises et les entreprises du secteur du tourisme, nous proposons notre moteur de réservation national. Nous travaillons et développons un moteur costaricien depuis 2 ans avec les commissions les plus basses du marché international et avec la possibilité de réduire les commissions pour les volumes ou la vente de nos produits physiques.

Notre moteur sera uniquement destiné au Costa Rica, nous sommes en mesure de desservir des hôtels, des appartements, des voyagistes, des services touristiques, des ventes de billets, des salons de beauté, des spas, des cabinets médicaux, entre autres. Apprenez-en plus sur notre proposition en cliquant sur le lien suivant ou téléchargez le document au format PDF.

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