Paradise Products Costa Rica a 6 ans.

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Well every year this happens, there are some years better than others. Today however we are going to allow ourselves to celebrate our sixth anniversary. It seems as if it was yesterday when we had the idea to build a company dedicated to helping Costa Rican artists, artisans, families and small companies to sell their products in all parts of the world.

Today six years later we look back and proudly say mission accomplished. For 6 years we have faced obstacles, problems and uncertainty but above all we have reaped achievements, friendships, experience and already thousands of satisfied customers. .

We have gone from humble personal entrepreneurship, to being able to hire employees and collaborators and also interns from various parts of the world who have entrusted our company to gain experience in international trade and online commerce.

What have we accomplished in 6 years?

  • We have delivered our products to 4 continents.
  • Our products have reached 25 different countries.
  • We have developed a unique booking engine in Costa Rica.
  • We have collaborated, assisted and represented in wholesale exports of different types of Costa Rican products.
  • We have helped dozens of Costa Rican families, companies and entrepreneurs to have an online presence in 3 languages.
  • We have opened service areas in web design, graphic design and motion graphics and several new service areas are on the way.
  • We represent and are responsible for advising various national businesses and ventures that entrust us with their market strategies.

In addition to this we have managed to know unique corners of our beloved Costa Rica, made friends with unique people and our ambition only grows we do it because we love what we do, we love this unique land and we know that Costa Rica has an unlimited capacity to grow.

Some years are better than others.

And well for no one it is secret 2020 has not been the friendliest. This year we planned to eat the world. Unfortunately our project to open a distribution center in Europe had to be postponed indefinitely because of the pandemic. And several of the tourist ventures we manage have been severely affected by the closure of borders.

And like thousands of companies we had to diet in expenses and investments planned for this year, however, our idealism and positivism is more persistent than any bad year and we have made a very good lemonade from these lemons.

The recipe for our lemonade

Knowing that our usual and beloved topics (art, gastronomy, culture, history, events, among others) were inevitably going to become less relevant due to the coronavirus, we turned our blog into a reliable source of information on Covid 19 in Costa Rica, in order to keep our readers informed in three languages ​​about the most important and relative topics about Costa Rica.

This has earned us a significant increase in the traffic of our website that we know will be very valuable when the elusive normality returns.

We have also developed a search engine at the height of the best extranets in the world and a comprehensive tourism recovery plan that we will very soon launch officially but can now visit and download at the following links. Our purpose is to be an integral part of the economic and tourist recovery of our country.

The hopes are as great as the challenges that lie ahead, and there have never been challenges as great as those that now arise. Knowing that we are 6 years old, thinking about so many things accomplished, so many sales completed, so many satisfied customers and so many friends made along the way, makes us always optimistic to achieve.

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