Paradise Invites to see The Odyssey in the National Theater

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Directed by Juan Fernando Cerdas in charge of the Modern Dolls Theater.

Homer’s text is a wonderful story; his narrative technique, after twenty-eight centuries, entertains, excites and amazes.

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In this creative adventure, the ocean of possibilities and techniques of puppet art is explored. The conception of setting privileges the scenic image and the expressive plastic synthesis and uses corporeal dolls and rods, silhouettes, projections, marotes, and “black theater”, among others.

This reading of the classic was done with contemporary eyes: Odysseus is not the military hero who boasts of his exploits, but someone who wants to leave the war behind and return to his family; Penelope is not the obedient wife who waits for the husband weaving twenty years, but a person capable of administering a kingdom and keeping hundreds of abusive suitors at bay.

Admission: General 12,000 colones
Students and Seniors: 9,500


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