Paradise Costa Rica opens more payment methods for your ease.

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Paradise Products Costa Rica has been a pioneer company in electronic commerce in Costa Rica with 7 years in the market, we have paved the way for hundreds of Costa Rican products to be bought abroad. This task has not been easy because the country was even (and still remains) quite behind in electronic commerce issues and also had policies of excessive and abusive commissions and payments to be able to commercialize on the internet.

At Paradise Costa Rica we are convinced of the importance of our work and how significant it is for dozens of artists and artisans who trust their products, destinations and services with us. Our company not only exhibits its products but also offers logistics solutions, multi-language presence, commercial consultancies and the lowest operating commissions on the planet to our artists, artisans and suppliers. With our services our suppliers can concentrate on producing their products with professionalism while we take care of marketing them.

Progress towards better competitiveness worldwide.

With the enactment of the usury law, Costa Rican banks and other financial entities were forced to correct various clauses and abusive policies historically created “to discourage the use of cards and electronic means of payment and instead motivate the use of cash.”

Although there is still a long way to go to bring Costa Rica to catch up with the means and payment facilities of the rest of the world, the enactment of this law and the effect of the pandemic on the promotion of teleworking and online shopping forced various banking entities to review their practices, commissions, costs and policies in relation to electronic means of payment, thanks to this it is a pleasure for Paradise Costa Rica to announce that we have enabled new payment methods for our clients inside and outside of Costa Rica.

  • Paypal. The one that was our first payment method used returns. An electronic payment platform and wallet for savings and funds mobility returns thanks to the important improvements made in the ease and costs of nationalizing foreign currency.
  • SINPE Movil (Exclusive for Costa Rica) We enable payments through Sinpe Movil, a payment service via telephone account. This service is exclusive for Costa Rica and telephone numbers associated with Costa Rican Bank accounts. It will not appear for foreign orders.
  • Payment Link or Invoice. Now we can also offer the possibility of paying through Payment Links and scanning QR codes in this way our clients can pay from emails, instant messaging applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp or even from social networks. (If the client wishes to pay with Américan Express or Discovery through this method, he must contact us to send him an International Invoice)
  • QR codes. We will wait to offer exclusive offers from our social networks, our clients will be able to pay by scanning QR codes on the products and images. Remember to write to us to confirm your purchase.
  • Credit or debit card. Our credit and debit card payment system is maintained. We hope soon to be able to further develop this system even if we screw up offering purchases for payments.

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