About our News and Blog Section

We in Paradise Products Costa Rica have created an area dedicated to provide our users with valuable, fresh and relevant information. Information that they might find useful while traveling our Costa Rica. Including topics as Cultural Agenda, Events, Art, History and General News. However we do not consider ourselves a newspaper or a media company.

We want to showcase the wonders of Costa Rica and become a helpful tool for national and foreigners to navigate the country.


Which are our sources?

For our news section most of our sources are official sources such as Casa Presidencial, Ministerio de Cultura, Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) or Ministerio de Salud, among others. This sources send to us official press releases with information that you might also find in other media. We in Paradise Products Costa Rica publish this content in Spanish and provide the translations for French and English.


Content regarding Activities or Agenda also comes from the original source such as the Theaters, Museums, Concert Halls or the Local Municipality hosting the events. Sometimes we might also cover private events we dim worthy and interesting enough to be featured or sponsor by Paradise Costa Rica.


Content such as Travel Advice or History might be created by our team as original content. When this is the case the post will say so.


The source will appear starting the 9/12/2020 at the end of the post. You can click on the source and visit the website that publish or sent the original material. Just have in mind that this source might be in Spanish only.


The idea behind our News and Blog sections is to provide useful information for our readers and users. We do not have an secret agenda nor we subscribe to any political party or ideology. Not every news or topic is featured in our News and Blog sections. That’s why some topics that you may regard as important. Might not appear or be as prominently featured as in other media. For example we do not cover accidents or crimes.

Our content is focus on relevant news about Costa Rica as a country, Travel advice, and events.

We will rarely share international news not relevant to the country. But if we do the sources will always be properly featured.


Regarding Covid 19

The information regarding Covid19 is focus on Costa Rica or our immediate neighbors. We will only publish information from official sources. We will never recommend treatments or cures. Nor share dubious information on this topic. All the graphics regarding Covid 19 are generated with the data from official sources for Costa Rica that is the Ministerio de Salud.

Contact Us.

We believe that information must be free and accurate. We care about your opinion. If you wish to contact us for reasons such as:

  • Issue a retraction
  • Add information
  • Featured your story or event
  • Correct a Source
  • Correct information
  • Provide more context
  • Any other reason

Feel free to do so at: [email protected] or using the form bellow.