[:en]Last year we show you the Laterns Parade and a bit of the civic act in the Parque Nacional with the President of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo Solis. However we coundn’t cover the parade of the 15th of September. To see last year’s post click HERE .

Torch of independence in San Pedro Costa Rica 2016

Regularly in history independence is won after a war, or a civil disobedience movement against the power in control. That is why many countries display the best of their army in military parades. To show the world the forces that are bound to keep set country free. But that wasn’t the case for Costa Rica and the rest of the provinces of Central America. For us the independence came unexpected. Costa Rica was use to an independent way of life. Been the south-est province of all it was often left alone, to govern itself. that was why when the act of independence arrive to Cartago. We weren’t quite sure how this new found mandatory individualization was going to work.

Many things happen but eventually the region took the place that has hold for almost a century. Five proud and independent countries. Small in territory and population, subject of the powers that be. And trying hard to make their place in the world. For the rest of Central America the story of their republics is often tinted with blood and revolutions. For Costa Rica while there are 2 revolutions are register in history. The death toll was never high. And since in1948 the armed forces of Costa Rica were abolish. Costa Rica has no army to show during the independence festivities.

That’s why every 15 of September. The schools and high schools of Costa Rica march in the streets. With music played by the students, and the flags of the five old provinces now countries flying proud in the air. There are parades in every canton and district. The students march with their teachers playing everything from anthems, to Costa Rican folkore to pop tunes. For the delight of the parents and the general public. Costa Rica prides itself for the fact that the country spends more in educations than the rest of the region in military. This is the reason why Costa Rica’s economic markers are head our neighborhoods.

To read more about how Costa Rica spends more in Education than the rest of the Region in Military forces click HERE.

Costa Rica every year display his people in uniform in the form of the young students for whom the educations is a free right and an obligation. And the people in charge of them in the form of the teachers that guide them step by step. In this country who has trade the Tanks for Schools and the guns for pencils.


¡Que viva Costa Rica y que viva Centroamérica!







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