“Para soñar que no estamos huyendo” Returns to the Teatro Vargas Calvo

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The Vargas Calvo Theater in co-production with ABC-O Theater will present, from Friday, February 28 and until Sunday, March 29, the play “To dream that we are not running away” by Ana Francis Mor, directed by Natalia Regidor and with the performances of Gabriela Alfaro, Sylvia Sossa and Dennis Quirós.

Inspired by Ricardo III of W. Shakespeare, “To dream that we are not fleeing is a work about violence, power games and fleeing the imminent… death.

A work that reflects current and necessary issues such as power, politics and violence against women, which permeate and establish dynamics that catch.

“In this work we see the work that the queen has to flee, to get safe because her life is in danger, next to her goes her faithful maid, she has to make the decision to accompany her. We are portrayed a little by the position of these people who have no choice because their life is equally at risk when it is another who decides and is a power, an invisible hand, ”said Sylvia Sossa, producer and actress of the work.

“To dream… .he has no excess, is written with the right measure, and offers us a theatrical game that the setting can only enhance. It gives us the chance to think through laughter: sometimes laughter can hurt, or pain can make us laugh.

This work puts on the stage many themes, but its power, without a doubt, lies in the empathy it generates with the public, that place where someone else’s gaze is a mirror of our reflection, that universal and personal place of emotion ”, Said Natalia Regidor, director of the staging.

The work deals with a bit of humor different situations that the characters live and the fragility of life and at the same time calls to think and place themselves in the role of the other.

“Ana Francís Mor, is an activist from a very important Mexican collective in Latin America called Las que que chulas, they work cabaret theater, this play is not cabaret theater, but it does have the unmistakable Latin American seal and portrays a very close reality Costa Ricans, ”said Sossa.

“It is a complete work with hints of comedy, drama, a classic text that passes from one place to another very quickly; but the best is the end that is dyed by something else, the most powerful are the changes and subtexts with many interpretations, a work to think and feel identified with our reality and to laugh at the same time, ”said Gabriela Alfaro, actress who Play the queen.

About Teatro ABC-O.

The ABC-O Theater is an independent theater group, which was born in 2008 as a children’s theater group. At present, the group works works for adults with texts that promote dialogue around human rights, respect and coexistence. From the company, custom works for private companies and schools are also created. His most recent assembly was The Machine of Embrace, by José Sanchis Sinisterra, on the life of Iris da Silva, a young woman with autism.

The work will be presented from Friday, February 28 and until Sunday, March 29, on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and on Sundays at 5:00 pm.

General admission is priced at ¢ 8,000.00 and ¢ 5,200.00 for students and seniors with a card. This discount only applies to the Theater ticket office and through the call center.

Purchase tickets at the ticket office of the National Theater, on the web portal and 2010-1110.

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