Pandemic, unemployment and the government make Costa Rica pessimistic.

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In line with the assessment of the government and the president, people reflect pessimism about the direction of the country. Since January 2018, prior to the previous national elections, the negative opinions about the direction of the country have fluctuated around 60%, and the positive ones do not exceed 20%.

As has been constant in the measurements made in the CIEP surveys, the assessment of the economic situation of the country is characterized by having mostly pessimistic perceptions (see figure 12). For this report, considering that the implications of the pandemic on the economy and on the income of Costa Ricans have had an impact, there is an increase in the negative perception of it compared to that reported in April. 82% of people mention that the current economic situation of the country is bad or very bad, compared to 67% who valued it this way in the last survey.

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