Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Paradise Products Costa Rica?

We are a Fair Trade company base in Costa Rica. By Ticos for Ticos and for the rest of the World

We offer exclusive Costa Rica products and services to the world. You could read more in the About us section

Is this website safe?
Yes we work very hard to make this website as safe as imaginable.
Our SSL code that green lock
you see infront of our url. Indentify us as a safe websitee.
And in addition we’ve got the McAffe
safe site mark that poves we are free of any malicious software and virouses. 
Where do we ship?

We ship World Wide. Everywhere the Mail and or DHL are capable of reaching. 

If what I get is not what I expected can I have my money back?

Yes we protect your inversion. IF you get something wrong or in bad conditions. Or you received a bad or poor  treatment. We will refund you. 

Please make sure you read the detailed info and procedures in our termns and conditions


Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

Paypal and Visa direct transactions. That includes pretty much all credit and debit cards.

How long will delivery take?

That will depend of where you live and the shipping method you choose. With DHL we are capable of delivering in 24 to 48 hours to USA, Canada and some places of Europe. 

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Absolutely. Your data and confidentiality are extremely important for us. We operate according the the laws in the USA and Europe and the Costa Rica law that forbids us to share, gift or sale personal details of our costumers. Ley 8968.

For the shipping details we only share that date absolutely necessary for the delivery services to deliver your product.

For more detail info please read our Termns and Conditions and Data Policy

What exactly happens after ordering?

When we received and order we will send you an email. With details of the products and the manufacture process if necessary (Some products need to be created. In those cases the products are properly identifiable.)

Once the product is ready we will ship them. This takes no more than 3 days. Then is only a matter of time for Costa Rica to knock at your door. 

Can I track my order?

Yes but only if you choose and pay the express delivery. In those cases we will also be tracking it. It is possible we that we will sent you an emial to confirm the delivery. 

I've seen your products in my country are those yours?

If they are named Paradise Products Costa Rica probably. We are starting to sale wholesale numbers of some products. 

If you are interested to buy some of those feel free to contact us. 🙂

¿Soy tico quiero tener mi producto en paradise Products Costa Rica?

Claro que sí nos interesaría conocerlo.

Mientras tanto le dejamos un documento con explicaciones de cómo trabajamos. FAQ y requisitosParadiseproductscr

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