Oxford vaccine does not prevent contagion in monkeys, but appears to reduce the severity of the disease.

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According to Adrew Pollard, leader of the Oxford vaccine development group, the project presents promising advances. Although at least when it was applied to macaques, it did not prevent them from being eventually contaminated with SARS Cov2.

The studies were carried out by applying 2 doses of the vaccine to the macaques, which were then inoculated with the active virus. When the vaccinated monkeys were tested to see if they had contracted the virus, they all tested positive for covid19 which means they failed to develop enough antibodies. However, and although all developed viral pneumonia, it should be noted that their symptoms were much milder than in the unvaccinated. And after 28 days everyone had successfully overcome the disease.

Oxford began human testing in April, and although the results in macaques were not ideal, Pollard says that clinical trials of his coronavirus vaccine were progressing well and that the program would inoculate an additional 10,000 people.

The experimental vaccine was first tested on two people on April 23 at Oxford after promising results from a trial of six macaques in the United States in March.

More than 1,000 people in the UK, excluding children and people over the age of 55, had received the experimental vaccine. In the next phase of the trial, an additional 10,260 people, including some children and older adults, will receive the vaccine in May and June. Participants are asked to keep a journal and regularly submit blood samples.

Oxford remains optimistic and expects the vaccine to be ready for widespread application in September.

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