Our News, Shopping and Tourism App is now also available for IOS

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Today we proudly give another good news, our Paradise Products Costa Rica mobile application is now available for IOS. With this all our work for 2020 is complete and now we are more than ready and without any excuse not to be able to conquer the world.

We know that our mobile application will be instrumental in ensuring a quick and prompt recovery to the tourism sector and the artists, artisans and entrepreneurs who sell their products through our platform.

Last year after the airport closures we embarked on the titanic task of creating a response to the problems and crises generated by the pandemic. It has been months of non-stop work and gray days. Both for us and for the thousands of businesses and people who depend on the international market and tourists.

With our mobile application now available to the world’s two largest mobile operating system providers, we have a potential reach of hundreds of tens of millions of users. We know that our mobile application will not only benefit our esteemed suppliers and tourism businesses in the country. But it will also be of great use to the thousands of tourists who will visit our country in 2021 and in the years to come.

Our app offers unique and exclusive products; the best of Costa Rica, its people, its landscapes, meals, accommodations and experiences. In addition to travel tips, history, news, relevant information on agendas, activities, addresses.

This happy news comes just in time to respond in the best way to the start of the 2021 high season. We are ready to return its glory to Costa Rica!

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