Our Mobile application and tourism recovery plan are up and running.

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Since March and April with the closure of airports and air borders due to the Pandemic. We in Paradise Costa Rica got down to work,to create a comprehensive tourism recovery plan.

We have designed a unique platform, which makes the latest in information and mobile technologies available to the Costa Rican tourism sector.

At the same time, it offers clients and tourists a reliable, safe, modern and advanced platform to stay informed, receive travel advice, stay, explore, know and buy the best products and services in Costa Rica with just a few clicks. From your computer or phone at any time, anywhere in the world.

We know that the tourism sector is the main and most dynamic engine of the national economy. We are not immune to the terrible blows that the pandemic has caused. With the news of the vaccine and the expectation of returning to normality. The race begins to attract both national and foreign tourists to our beloved homeland.

We trust that our application and initiative will be instrumental in a quick, prompt and effective recovery of the tourism sector. And should also mean an important comparative advantage with respect to other countries in the region.

We are not alien to the tax situation. The unemployment, and the financial crisis worry us as much as all other compatriots. This situation of urgency and necessity, reaches our ears as that historical call of Juanito Mora: Costa Ricans to weapons! And in this country of peace that gave us education instead of guns and nature instead of war, our weapons are the tools and the spirit to innovate and respond in a creative, dynamic and fair way.

Paradise Costa Rica is our love letter to this land of serene mornings, happy days and spectacular sunsets. It has not been an easy year, like other companies we have seen our payroll reduced and the situation has kept us on the edge of the seat on more than one occasion. But it has been and will be our honor to get up every morning to work for this country and its people.

After 9 months of hard work, today we happily announce that our Android app is active in the Google Play store and the IOS version is very close to being released.

To download our app click on the button below.


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