OSN Concert Tour for the South Zone and Limón

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This concert programme includes a tour of the southern part of the country, with a brass ensemble, in May, as well as another tour in September, with the entire National Symphony Orchestra, through different districts of Limón. In addition, there are plans to visit communities such as Pérez Zeledón, Buenos Aires de Puntarenas, Bribrí and Limón centre, among others.

In March, with the Costa Rican conductor Gabriela Mora, the audio and video recording of the Orchestral Guide for Young People, by the English composer Benjamin Britten, will take place.

This year the OSNCR will also make a recording entitled “Caribe Sinfónico” in April; two “Noches Líricas”, with national singers, in June; four performances of Scheherezade with dancers in September; Young Soloists in October; the Bicentennial Concert in October; and the traditional Christmas Concerts, among other activities, of which, week by week, more details will be provided, such as dates, guest artists and other interesting information.

Currently, the National Music Centre is receiving formal proposals for OSNCR concerts in schools and communities by e-mail: | |

In the coming days, details of the OSNCR’s 2021 Official Season with Principal Conductor Carl St. Clair will be announced, including guest conductors, concert dates, soloists and ticket prices.

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