Orchestra for Life wins recognition “Young Group 2020”

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Through a symbolic act, full of love, enthusiasm and pride, members of the SINEM-HNN “Orquesta Por la Vida” received the “Young Group 2020” recognition, granted by the IBERORQUESTAS Juveniles Intergovernmental Program.

This award, whose certificate was presented by the Minister of Culture and Youth, recognizes the commitment of the “Orquesta Por la Vida” with the values of the intergovernmental program, its link with the community and the musical quality of the group.

The award ceremony was held this Friday, March 5, at the headquarters of the National Music Education System (SINEM), where Sofía Salinas, concertina of the orchestra, met; Gabriela Cordero, viola player; and Dulce Abarca, violinist, who had the honor of representing the 30 boys, girls and young people, aged between 6 and 25 years, who make up the “Orquesta Por la Vida”, deserving of this international recognition.

The “SINEM-HNN Orchestra for Life” is a Special Program of SINEM, an entity attached to the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ). It was born in May 2011 by the joint effort of SINEM and the National Children’s Hospital, as the first Central American orchestra composed of patients and former patients with chronic diseases and disabilities, within a children’s hospital.

Acto de entrega del reconocimiento “Agrupación Joven 2020”. Foto: Sinem

“We have all heard of music as a way to stimulate talents and develop teamwork, and until I had the opportunity to arrive at SINEM and see the work of maestro Sergio Herrera Ulloa, director of the ‘Orquesta por la Vida’, and its teachers and members, I was not so impressed by the fact that with music you can be generous ”, expressed Ramiro Ramírez, director of SINEM.

During the award ceremony, Ramírez also thanked each family that supports their sons and daughters in this musical process, the teachers and the boys, girls and young people who are members of the group, who in each trial show what best of itself.

Sylvie Durán, Minister of Culture and Youth, stated that “music has given important contributions and recognition to this country, its citizens, and has been a pillar for the social development of children and young people. The youth orchestras of Latin America are important institutions, with really beautiful exercises everywhere. That from the Iberorquestas Juveniles Program they have considered that the ‘Orquesta Por la Vida’ deserves this award, it is something very valuable, to feel a lot of pride; it is well deserved and we are glad that they have recognized it ”.

The objective of the “Young Group Iberorquestas Juveniles 2020” award is to recognize a musical group, regardless of its size, character or participating country; they are intended to reflect the values ​​of the program. The technical level of the orchestra is not only awarded, although this is one of the five parameters that are taken into account; like respect, gender equality or innovation.

The jury, made up of the Spanish teachers, Isabel Costes and Ignacio García and the Cuban teacher Guido López-Gavilán, expressed in the minutes of the contest, that the recognition is granted: “for being the group that best reflects on its teaching and artistic activity the values ​​and objectives of the IBERORQUESTAS JUVENILES Program … “

The ceremony for the delivery of the “Young Group 2020” certificate was also attended by Yesennia Elizondo, in charge of Special Programs at SINEM; Sergio Herrera, director of the “Orquesta por la Vida”; Montserrat Lazo and Jenny Solís Barquero, teachers of the orchestra; as well as Ana Gómez, mother of Dulce Abarca, representing all the fathers and mothers of the family whose sons and daughters are part of the musical group.

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