Opening schedule, in front of the Covid19. May 11, 2020

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This Monday, the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, announced the schedule that will be executed in the next three months as part of the measures for the gradual re-activation of the economy, provided that the behavior affected by the pandemic continues to evolve up to now. of COVID-19.

“Costa Rica has made an effort to abide by the measures imposed by the Ministry of Health and the results achieved allow us to project some of the actions that we will be implementing in the following months,” explained President Alvarado, who recalled the importance of not letting our guard down. and continue to follow hygiene and health protocols to avoid a decline in the number of cases active by COVID-19.

The details were released at a press conference, along with the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, the Ministers of Culture and Youth, Sylvie Durán; of Economy, Industry and Commerce, Victoria Hernández; of Tourism, María Amalia Revelo; Hernán Solano, from Sports; and of Environment and Energy, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez.

The schedule will have 4 phases that will be implemented from May 16 to August 2.

Phase I, from May 16 to 31. The opening of some national parks with 50% of their capacity will be allowed, beaches during the week from 5:00 am to 8:00 am, recreational sports without direct physical contact, high-performance contact sports without spectators, it is extended to 10 pm the daytime vehicle restriction from Monday to Friday, as well as the operation of premises with a sanitary permit; hotels with a maximum of 20 rooms with 50% of their capacity; and opening of motels.

II phase, from 1 to 20 June. The opening of other national parks continues with 50% of its capacity, museums (pre-purchase entry) and restaurants with 50% of its capacity on weekends. The opening of hotels with a greater number of rooms is enabled, but at 50% of their capacity. Likewise, public parks are enabled to 50% to transit.

III phase, from June 21 to July 11. Opening of stores at 50% of their capacity on weekends, places of worship applying a minimum distance of 1.8 meters between each person and with a maximum of 75 people. Activities of cinemas, theater and museums are maintained at 50% of their capacity with pre-purchased tickets and during weekends. The opening of bars at 50% during the week will be authorized. Likewise, the sports centers at 50% (activities without physical contact)

IV phase, from July 12 to August 2. The capacity is expanded to 100 people in places of worship – always respecting the minimum distance of 1.8 meters between each person – and the school year progressively according to the conditions of each place and education coexisting at a distance, when health conditions allow it and in accordance with the scenarios identified by the expert team in the 27 educational regions of the country, and indigenous territories.

Also, admission to beaches during the week with extended hours.

The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, reported that during these phases, mass gatherings and public shows, event rooms, casinos and gambling activities, community shifts and fairs, amusement park and the like, discos and dance halls will remain suspended.

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