October brings destinations to Paradise Products Costa Rica

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We are delighted to announce that finally we made it!!.

From now and on you can book travels and destinations inside out beautiful country. Not long after beginning this amazing journey. A question jumped to our mind.

What about the destinations?

We’ve got the products. We sale and ship the best of what is made in Costa Rica worldwide. But Costa Rica also has breath taking destinations everyone should visit, and experience. The thing with destinations is. That they are full of challenges and logistics. We required a very strong platform. A reputation to build and a proper and solid policy. Not to mention the locations. Which required a lot of scouting and exploration.

Cause we know all our products. We know the people and the hands behind them their quality and consistency. Many of our products are indeed unique pieces. So differences could be noted between them. But their quality is constant cause the love, attention and mastery put in making them is always the same. (We know our producer and we are really picky)

However travel, locations and accommodations are a bit trickier. Cause the experiences are always variable. Even two people having the exact same experience at the exact same time. Could end up with two completely different take outs of the events. Not only that. But we have a commitment with excellence. And we believe consistency is and indicator of excellence. So we embark in the labour of looking and searching for beautiful amazing destinations. Managed with professionalism, consistency and excellence. And in addition to all of that we were specially focus in to discover places managed by families, our communities. Cause we are and always will be a fair trade initiative.

All of that as you might expect requires a great deal of time. Meeting people, visiting places, evaluation and planning.

But we made it!

We have several amazing destinations that fixed all the criteria above. And they just shared the roof regarding attention, Scenery and natural beauty. Plus you are just gonna fell in love with the hosts.

And we will be sharing them with you. And telling you the story behind them and the people that managed the destinations the faces that will be your hosts. But first some clarifications.

But first answers to some possible common questions

Are we a travel agency?

No we are not. We are a brand that promotes Costa Rican goods and services to the world. By our operations we are 1) A online store and 2) a multi platform company that offer information about Costa Rica. All of this focusing of fair trade behaviour.

We can not managed your travel to Costa Rica and we do not sell tours. We promote other people services and products. And we study them to the smallest detail- To ensure you that what you are purchasing is worth your time and money. And that you will be satisfied at the end. But we can not help you with Air plane tickets or planning your permanency inside Costa Rica etc. But we are growing fast our offers will grow in the future. Keep tune.

We offer a service similar to platforms as Booking, Expedia or Airbnb. Where the hosts can add their accommodations and activities. We sell you the date and we guaranty it. So if you book a date and pay for it that date will be yours.

Is transportation included?

In most cases it is not. In others the hosts offers it either as a included service or as an extra. It will always be your decision if to pay for it or not. You can contact us if you need to get to the places via public transportation and we will gladly help you get there.

Is my money safe?

Yes it is. We capture your money and will not be expend or transfer to any third party until your arrive to the destination. And if any problem occurs while you are in the destination. Double bookings, bad service, bad infrastructure, etc. You will have your money back. We also cover eventualities such as acts of god, war, epidemics and others. We recommend you to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to learn more and in detail of our Refund and satisfaction policies.

Can I cancel?

Yes you can. You can cancel or Reapply up to 15 days in advance to the date you picked.You will have a complete refund minus 5% of transaction fees. That the banks Charge us. Again we encourage you to read our complete Terms and Conditions.

What if Hurricanes, earthquakes and other awful things happen and I can not get there?

We have you cover. In given case any external occurrence made impossible for the client to reach a destination. Rr if the destination is suddenly not able to received people for whatever reason. (Legal blockade, natural disasters, epidemics etc) We will do either of the following assign the money pay by the client for him or her to expend it in any other given product, service o destination. Or issue a complete refund.

What if I cancel after 15 days?

We will charge you depending of when you cancel. And refund the rest or if you wish reply it to another date, destination or product. We do this because after 15 days our chances to resell the date drop. And we have to cover the operative costs of the business we are booking to.  Again we encourage you to read our complete Terms and Conditions.

Can I pay in tracts?

No, no yet. Yo will have to cancel to total of the dates you wish to purchase.

PD. We are working on a way to automatise this sort of payments via Credit or Debit cards. We will announce it as soon as it is available.


We are adding destination slowly but surely. We are working on finishing details and signing contracts ro assure you and your money will be safe.








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