October 15th. Two immuno-compromised minors the youngest deaths from Covid19

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As of October 15, the country registers 1,372 new cases of COVID-19, of which 325 are by epidemiological link and 1,047 by laboratory, for a total of 93,152 confirmed cases, with an age range of zero to 100 years. There are 44,811 women and 48,341 men, of whom 77,598 are Costa Rican and 15,554 are foreigners.

By age we have: 79,114 adults, 6,311 older adults and 7,642 minors, 85 are under investigation.

57,731 recovered persons were counted, of which 27,654 are women and 30,077 are men, by age we have: 49,459 adults, 3,275 older adults, 4,926 minors and 71 are under investigation.

536 people are hospitalized, 206 of them in intensive care with an age range of one to 88 years.

For today 25 unfortunate deaths are reported: 11 men and 14 women, with an age range of nine to 96 years. In this way, two minors are included in the statistics of deaths related to Covid-19, the first of them is a nine-year-old boy from San José, who was admitted to the National Children’s Hospital, the youngest He had multiple ailments that compromised his immune system, the second case is a post-mortem report of a 12-year-old boy from Alajuela who died in his home where he received care for ailments that compromised his immune system.

The cases of both minors, as well as all deaths, will be analyzed by the mortality commission, however, both cases are preliminarily classified as deaths with COVID-19 and not COVID-19.

In total there are 1,159 deaths related to COVID-19: 437 women and 722 men, with an age range of nine to 100 years. By age there are 386 adults, 771 older adults and two minors.

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