Nicoyan tradition that exceeds 475 years receives the National Intangible Heritage Award

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The 475 uninterrupted years of trajectory and the validity of a tradition that is kept alive, from the participation of the community and cultural empowerment, allowed the Brotherhood of Our Lady Virgin of Guadalupe de Nicoya to obtain the National Prize for Intangible Cultural Heritage Emilia Prieto 2019.

Procesión de la Virgen de Guadalupe. Foto: Diego Fajardo

This tradition, called the Festival of “Our Lady Virgin of Guadalupe”, is characterized by bringing together ancient stories, culinary elements representative of the Nicoyan region, as well as a variety of dances and music; aspects that, as a whole, characterize the intangible cultural heritage; Declaratory that it has had since 2014.

The organization of the festival, in charge of the Brotherhood, is located in the canton of Nicoya, in Guanacaste, and is made up of several people from the community, who work throughout the year to obtain the necessary funds to carry out the different activities. that make up this tradition.


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