Nicaraguan carriers close the border with Costa Rica. Nicaragua in phase 4 according to the WHO

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Dozens of Central American carriers are stranded on the border with Costa Rica. And to increase the gravity of the situation, the Nicaraguan transport chamber refuses to give way in retaliation to the sanitary and protective measures taken by Costa Rica to protect its citizens and residents from the ravages of the pandemic caused by covid19.

Although Costa Rica has proposed several alternatives to continue international trade and has never closed the border to trade, Central American carriers for some reason refuse options such as planting a GPS tracker or undocking the vans in Costa Rica where they will be taken by a carrier with negative Covid test.

This irrational dilemma adds to the dangerous actions taken by the Nicaraguan government to ignore and lie about the real numbers of cases, infected and deceased due to covid19 in Nicaragua. The Citizen Observatory reports at least 2,300 infected people and at least 400 deaths from Covid. At the same time that the Nicaraguan government attacks the press, citizens, countries and organizations that dare to report higher figures than the “official ones”, which is around 280 cases.

The WHO recently declared that Nicaragua is in stage 4 of the Pandemic, the most difficult to control. At a time when the virus has become endemic, the attitudes of both carriers and the Nicaraguan government threaten the health of all of Central America and hinder the already complicated commercial and re-activation scenario facing the region against the virus.

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