Nicaraguan carrier falls unconscious while crossing the border with Costa Rica

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A Nicaraguan carrier fell unconscious while crossing the Peñas Blancas border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the man had been in Nicaragua for 15 days before crossing. Due to the fainting, he was transferred to the Enrique Baltodano hospital.

The man was tested for Covid19 to determine if he was infected with the virus, but there are no test results yet. Nicaragua has reported 20 cases of sudden deaths, its hospitals are overflowing with cases of “atypical pneumonia” while the Daniel Ortega government refuses to abide by norms of social distancing and on the contrary has actively dedicated itself to encouraging mass meetings.

Nicaragua has so far reported only 16 positive cases of Covid19, 5 of which have died. Although tests are conducted daily, they are all classified as “undetermined.” The Costa Rican authorities have reinforced surveillance on the northern border to prevent illegal crossings of people.

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