Nicaragua prevents the carrier from passing by refusing to be tested.

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The Nicaraguan government is carrying out another maneuver that seems aimed at increasing the risk of Covid infection19 in the region. Costa Rica has been the most successful country in the region to fight the virus. To maintain low numbers of infections and success in health campaigns, Costa Rica has protocolized the need for tests for Covid19 for the entry of the carrier into the national territory.

As of May 22, 46 Carriers had shown a positive result. And it is known of a case of a carrier that contaminated only at least 18 people in the national territory. As if that were not enough, Nicaragua has also denied asylum to at least 11 carriers because they are not Nicaraguan, despite the fact that it is highly possible that they have contracted the disease in Nicaragua. These carriers have been received and are being treated in Costa Rica.

Nicaragua refuses to open the border despite the various options and alternatives proposed by Costa Rica and previously also accepted by Panama. Refusing to negotiate any health protocol and asking that carriers not be tested.

Nicaragua has hidden the data regarding the advance of the pandemic and although there is evidence of clandestine burials, sealed coffins and astronomical increases in cases of “atypical pneumonia” the Nicaraguan government is determined to report all the exams as “indeterminate”

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