New unevenness crossings in Guanacaste.

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Limonal, San Miguel and Aserradero are the points where the three overpasses that are part of the expansion and rehabilitation works of the 20.8 km of track in the Cañas-Limonal section are built, a work that is already 51% complete physical.

Engineer Tomás Figueroa, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and in charge of the PIT Executing Unit, explained that the Limonal and San Miguel interchange is working on the construction of storm drain systems, while embankments are being built at the Aserradero interchange. and the piles that will support the structure. Along the road, three level returns are also built.

In relation to the seven bridges, the hierarch specified that all present important progress with tasks such as deep foundations, casting of piles, head beams, bastions, placed beams, slab casting and approach fillings.

In this way, there is a 54% general progress on the bridges over the Desjarretado, Javillos, San Miguel, Lajas, Higuerón rivers and two more over the Salitral river.

At the same time, work is being done on the construction of 74 culverts and pedestrian bridges (35% progress).

The pavement structure (sub-base, base and concrete slab), presents an execution of 25%, while the placement of sub-base and stabilized base registered 43% in the central section of the project.

This important highway contemplates high standards of road safety, which will control access to the main corridor through the construction of marginals, acceleration and deceleration lanes, as well as returns.

The work will have 16 wildlife crossings (6 aerial and 10 terrestrial).

In the relocation of electric public services there is an advance of 78% and of the five ASADAS of the sector of 29%, which allows progress with the expansion of the road.

According to the established schedule, the work must be ready in April 2021, to this period the days compensable for rain and the effects that were presented by expropriations and adjustment in the designs of the Limonal interchange must be added.

The investment in the Cañas-Limonal section is $ 89,896,049, financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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