New trains are already on their way to Costa Rica.

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The Costa Rican Institute of Railways (INCOFER) reports that the second batch of trains, made up of 4 trains (8 DMU) left China for our country this Monday, December 14, for which it is estimated that in the last days of the month of January 2021 they would be arriving at Puerto Caldera and with this arrival the 8 new trains acquired from the CRRC Quingdao Sifang Co. company would already be in our country.

Elizabeth Briceño, Executive President of INCOFER, highlighted that “with the arrival of these 8 new trains the rail modernization process begins, the current passenger operation will improve its quality, as well as the user experience, increasing the capacity of our services. With this investment we are not only acquiring trains, but also workshop equipment, training, spare parts and after-sales service for three years, in addition to the track improvements that we have been carrying out for 3 years and the platform and operation adjustments ”.

She also highlighted the importance of this project by indicating that it is the “largest investment in railway equipment in the last 40 years and that it is the first time in INCOFER’s history that new self-propelled passenger trains have been purchased.”

Incofer estimates that these 8 train units will be in operation in the GAM, in the first four months of 2021.

With the latest technology, each of these trains has a length of 38 m and a capacity of 372 passengers. They will be made up of two D.M.U “Diesel Mutiple Units” each, with German VOITH and MAN technology engines that are, in Latin America, first-line at an environmental level.


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