New Seawall de Caldera cost 7.2 billion colones and was financed by the IDB

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The work carried out around the new breakwater at Puerto Caldera included the reinforcement of 594 meters of breakwater in the first two sections and 38 meters of rehabilitation of the breakwater in its third section, tasks that were declared inaugurated this Friday, March 12.

The event was attended by the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Rodolfo Méndez Mata, the Vice Minister of Infrastructure and in charge of the Executing Unit of the PIT, Tomás Figueroa, the Minister Counselor of Spain in Costa Rica, Enrique Conde León, the IDB Representative in Costa Rica, José Ramón Gómez, deputy Carmen Chan Mora, port authorities, as well as the mayor of Esparza, Asdrúbal Calvo.

The works for the order of ¢ 7,200 million ($ 12,415,474.27) financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) also included the construction of the nose of the breakwater, in addition to the conditioning of 660 meters of roads in the area of said structure. The supply and installation of a mobile beacon and dredging in the rehabilitation area were also included.

The Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Rodolfo Méndez Mata, highlighted the positive consequences of this work for the operation of the port terminal there, reducing the risks of work interruptions or delays, improving the country’s competitiveness.

For his part, detailed the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Tomás Figueroa Malavassi, who was also in the place, when this physical barrier was established, together with the complementary works, the swell at the site is no longer such a transcendental element as a factor that negatively influences in the dynamics of the Port, while highlighting it as one more work that is carried out through the loan for $ 450 million, received from the Inter-American Development Bank and administered through the Transportation Infrastructure Program (PIT) of the Ministry.

José Ramón Gómez, IDB Representative in Costa Rica assured that “the Caldera Breakwater is one of the strategic works included in the PIT, since it is key to ensuring the competitiveness of this port terminal and the country’s maritime trade.”

The work was in charge of Constructora Pirenaica S.A.

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