New roads connect Turrialba tourist attractions.

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Thanks to the commitment and work of two development associations and the technical and financial contribution of the National Directorate for Community Development (Dinadeco) and the local Municipality, the residents of the Santa Cruz district have two asphalt roads that improve the access to the Turrialba Volcano and the Guayabo Archaeological Monument.

The works consist of the placement of a 1 linear km asphalt tent on the main road of the San Antonio community, a project led by the San Antonio Integral Development Association, and a 1.3 km asphalt tent promoted by the Integral Association of Calle Vargas and Las Virtudes.

With an investment that exceeds ¢ 230 million – contributed by the organized community, Dinadeco and the Municipality of Turrialba – both works will contribute to development, access and displacement between nearby communities, as well as economic reactivation. Also, to the evacuation for the residents who live on the slopes of the volcano, before a possible eruption.

For Franklin Corella, director of Dinadeco, “the fact that there is a development association in a community in the country is a guarantee of progress. Their voluntary and committed work and that of each of their affiliates is reflected in the works achieved. In this case, we highlight the leadership of the development associations in their struggle to improve these access routes to their communities and the great contribution they are making to the entire canton of Turrialba ”.

This is the detail of the works executed:

Calle Vargas en Santa Cruz de Turrialba es parte de las vías que se ven beneficiadas gracias a las mejoras realizadas de manera público-privado.

Vargas and Las Virtudes streets. Led by the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Calle Vargas y Las Virtudes, the work consisted of the placement of an asphalt tent on 1.3 km of road. The total cost of the investment was ¢ 134 million, of which Dinadeco contributed ¢ 59 million, the Association ¢ 4 million and the Municipality of Turrialba ¢ 71 million. The latter also contributed with the placement and technical support.

Omar Vargas, president of the Association, stressed that this project is very important for the community, since it directly benefits 100 small milk and cheese producers, “because it allows them to have access to their farms and thus be able to transport their products in a more efficient way. safe”.

He added that having a good street helps merchants and transporters in the area. “We are very happy and grateful to Dinadeco and the Municipality because without their contributions it would not have been possible to carry out this work,” he acknowledged.

San Antonio. It involves the placement of a 1 linear km asphalt tent on the main road in the community of San Antonio. The project was led by the San Antonio Integral Development Association and had an approximate cost of ¢ 100 million, of which Dinadeco financed almost half of the project, with an amount of ¢ 49 million, the community contributed ¢ 3 million and the Municipality of Turrialba with its technical and economic support close to ¢ 47 million.

Otto Calvo, the association’s attorney, said that this work has been a project conceived by the people. “It is the dream of many people from the association and the community to modernize their environment. We are very grateful to Dinadeco for helping us to complete this project ”.

Apart from the communities of San Antonio, Santa Eduviges, Chinchona, Guayabito, Torito, La Orieta and Bonilla de Santa Cruz, direct beneficiaries of the work, there are also the residents of the district of Santa Teresita since they use this highway as an alternative route that constitutes a tangible work of progress and community development.

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