Nevro will invest $ 21 million in Costa Rica.

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Nevro Corp. (NYSE: NVRO), a global medical device company that provides innovative and information-based solutions for the treatment of chronic pain, announced plans to establish global manufacturing operations in Costa Rica to support its growth initiatives. future.

Nevro chose the Coyol Free Zone to establish a manufacturing plant of more than three thousand square meters in Costa Rica. Total investment is expected to be approximately US $ 21 million between 2020 and 2023


Nevro will recruit potential candidates for manufacturing operations and administrative functions. More information about career opportunities at Nevro are available at: Rica

Duayner Salas, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade stated: “Over the years, Costa Rica has developed a strategy to attract FDI to become more competitive in the Global Value Chains. Today we are an attractive destination with political stability, high-quality human talent, and a strong medical device manufacturing group. The arrival of Nevro satisfies us and validates that we are heading in the right direction ”.

“Nevro has been successful in its early years with outsourcing manufacturing and supporting partners in the supply chain,” said D. Keith Grossman, Nevro CEO and President. “As part of our growth plans to move forward, Nevro will establish in-house manufacturing of its future product portfolio to ensure that we have the most efficient and flexible cost structure, while maintaining the highest level of control over quality”.

Jorge Sequeira, CEO of CINDE, said “Nevro joins the more than 70 multinational companies that today produce and export medical devices from Costa Rica. These companies employ more than 10,000 women, many of them heads of household, who, thanks to their skills, produce life-saving medical devices around the world. We are pleased that the Nevro company has chosen Costa Rica to develop its new investment project, giving a vote of confidence to the country and its already consolidated cluster of medical devices ”.

“At Coyol Free Zone we are very satisfied with the prompt arrival of the Nevro company to our park and to Costa Rica. The arrival of new companies is a good sign of our economy and represents a great opportunity for the country’s human talent to continue contributing to the growth of the medical device sector, ”said Carlos Wong, General Director of Zona Franca Coyol.

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