National Sports Games move to 2021

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The National Council of Sport and Recreation (CCDR) made the decision to transfer the holding of the 2020 National Sports Games for the half-year vacation period of the 2021 school year, in compliance with the sanitary measures issued by the Ministry of Health before the national emergency for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

In early March, the CCDR had agreed to postpone the XXXIX edition of the National Sports Games from November 28 to December 12.

The Sports Minister, Hernán Solano Venegas, reported that “the Committee analyzed the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health regarding the organization of mass concentration activities, limitations for the preparation of athletes, as well as the short time that It has for the competition and accreditation process and determined to transfer the jousts by the middle of next year ”.

He added that for the recommendation of the new dates, in addition to merely sports-related reasons, the guidelines issued in the execution of the economic resource and the usual scheduling of the event throughout the last seven years were considered.

The council instructed the Sports Competition Department to make the necessary adjustments so that the Cantonal Sports and Recreation Committees (CCDR) can make the necessary modifications in the athlete registration processes.

For its part, the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation (ICODER) will communicate in due course, and according to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health, the new dates for the elimination rounds and deadlines for registrations by discipline.

Mainor Monge, Technical Coordinator of the National Sports Games, indicated that it is in the interest of ICODER to guarantee the adequate preparation of people registered as athletes in this edition and, “the quarantine period restricts the possibility of conducting training in real conditions of competition, which are required to ensure the sports quality of the participating population, ”he said.

He added that since ICODER works jointly with the Ministry of Public Education, for the use and exploitation of sports and educational infrastructure during the final stage, “it will be impossible to schedule the event for 2020, since it has been necessary to carry out the adjustments to ensure compliance with the MEP objectives, ”he said.

Finally, he explained that the program is made up of three stages of competition: qualifying rounds at the cantonal level, qualifying phase at the national level and the final stage of the event, which, both media and sports, has a greater impact on Costa Rican society.

The latter was initially planned from June 27 to July 13, 2020, then was postponed from November 28 to December 12 and is now rescheduled for the 2021 vacation period, following the national emergency due to the Covid pandemic. 19.

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