National Parks will be closed from next week

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Consistent with the National Emergency Declaration announced yesterday by the Government of the Republic to counter the effects of COVID-19 in the country and in order to safeguard the safety of officials and visitors of the different Protected Wild Areas (ASP), the authorities The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) together with the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) made the decision that starting next week all the National Parks of the country will be closed for visitation.

As explained by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, the measure was taken jointly with the SINAC authorities and the Directors of the Conservation Areas this morning, so it was also agreed that “starting this Wednesday, December 18, Marzosolo will allow 50% of the average monthly visitation of the National Parks and ASP with the highest visitation, in order to attend to reservations and ticket sales made until this Sunday. For which the necessary actions are already being taken ”.

The list of these sites will be published in the afternoon on the MINAE-SINAC digital platforms and through a new press release.

In this regard it is important to explain that next week the officials of the National Parks remain in their positions to carry out administrative and Control and Protection tasks.

On the other hand, from the SINAC Regional Offices, security protocols will continue to be followed to counter the effects of COVID-19. So the purchases of cleaning materials and the necessary supplies to act in accordance with the measures implemented by the Ministry of Health will also be reinforced.

In addition, the MINAE-SINAC authorities reiterate the importance of abiding by preventive actions, such as hand washing, surface cleaning and the distance of 1.5 meters between people. And they reiterate the call to people with flu symptoms or some type of respiratory illness not to visit the National Parks.

In relation to people who have already paid the entrance to a National Park, their visits will be rescheduled, when it corresponds to MINAE-SINAC. In the case of online ticket sales or reservations through dealers and third parties, dedicated to tourism, the directors of the different Conservation Areas are already communicating the measures and coordinating the way to proceed.

The closings to National Parks apply from this Monday, March 23 and until next April 13, in accordance with the provisions of the declaration of a State of Emergency. For the reopening, a Remedial Plan is worked on.

Finally, it is important to detail that from this week the closure of the online Reservation System and the ticket sales platform for those National Parks that contemplate it will also be attended.

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