[:en]National Parks Day[:]

[:en]During August Costa Rica has lots of celebrations. Yesterday was National Parks day. While is not a holiday it is an important date for Ticos to remember. Costa Rica it’s a small country, 51.100km2 of land with a not so much of a population. 4.500,000 people almost 3.000,000 live in what we call the GAM (Gran Area Metropolitana in english The Great Metropolitan Area). Which is basically and intersection point between the provinces of Alajuela, Heredia, San Jose and Cartago. Those are 4 out of 7 provinces and just their city and suburban areas.

Now, having so much of the population inside a small portion of 4 provinces (the inner provinces). The rest of the land has enough space to grow green and wild. In 2016 the area cover with forest in Costa Rica was 52% of the territory. And deforestation both legal and illegal are in an all time low.

But what about the National Parks Day?


Well Costa Rica has in total 28 National Parks. And between private and public areas up 26% percent of the land is protected. This year celebration wasn’t much of a party but an outcry from park rangers. Talking about the necessities and problems they experience in the national parks. Internal infrastructure has to be improve, access has to be improve too. Dude to the density of the parks some are been used to grow marijuana and coca and park rangers can not do much about but to inform authorities and wait for an answer which some times take months.

Since 2008 National Parks went to bottom of the states priorities mainly because the economic crisis. Which put jobs, industry, and money as top priority. Hopefully the outcries will now be heard and Costa Rica government could destiny money for preservation again. We invited you to come and visit our beauty and pride.[:]

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