NANKU gatherings. Fridays at 4pm.

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With the aim of promoting the identity and culture of the province of Guanacaste, the Intersectoral Committee of Identity and Chorotega Culture, invites the “NANKU Tertulias” cycle, which in Chorotega language means “home”. The gatherings begin this Friday, June 26, at 4 p.m., through Facebook Live on the page

In this first installment, “Sociocultural trends in child-rearing practices in Guanacaste” will be discussed, which will be presented by Wagner Moreno, psychologist and director of the Guanacaste campus of the University of Costa Rica (UCR). On this occasion, there will be moderation by Vera Vargas, from the Guanacaste Cultural Management Office, which is part of the Culture Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

“For the next editions of the gatherings, there will be topics such as: Afro influence of music in Guanacaste, the Guanacaste masquerade, the genealogy of families in the province, literary production, themes of community leadership and psychology, the African traces in the origins of Liberia, the blue zones and its cultural manifestations, the arts, music, dance, theater, among other topics of interest in the province, “said Vera Vargas.

The Chorotega Intersectoral Committee of Identity and Culture was created by means of a Presidential Decree that invited different institutions to group together with a view to promoting cultural development in the region. That is why, starting in 2015, a congress was held where the need arose to create the Regional Plan for Identity and Culture, in which Guanacastecans were invited to discuss issues such as: heritage, economy, cultural identity, among others. , linked to current cultural rights policy.

Temáticas del quehacer cultural guanacasteco se expondrán en ‘Tertulias Virtuales NANKU’

Vargas added that “in the current context of the emergency situation that the world is experiencing, which makes it impossible to make spaces and meet with the community as they were being carried out and in order to maximize the resources that the Committee has, these gatherings were devised with different themes that bring us closer to the communities through the use of virtual platforms and thus internalize different important issues for Guanacaste. ”

The coordination and moderation of the gatherings will be carried out by institutions such as: the Regional Office of the Directorate of Culture in Guanacaste, the Liberian headquarters of the National System of Musical Education, the Liberian Public Library, which is part of the National Library System , the Civic Center for Peace of Santa Cruz, the Young Person’s Council, the Ministry of Public Education, the University of Costa Rica, the State Distance University, the National University and the National Technical University.

In addition, of the aforementioned institutions, the Chorotega Intersectoral Committee for Identity and Culture is made up of the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy and the Institute for Municipal Development and Advice, as well as the National Directorate for Community Development.

All gatherings will be presented on Fridays at 4 p.m., through the Facebook Culture Guanacaste.


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