Museums of downtown San José and the National Theater reopen their doors

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    Gradually the Central Bank, National Museum, Jade Museum and National Theater Museums announce the opening of their exhibitions.
· The first to reopen will be the Central Bank Museums from June 8, on the 15th the Jade Museum opens, from the 16th of the same month the National Museum and on July 1 the National Theater.

Everything is ready for the Museums in the center of the capital to receive visitors again. These are the Central Bank Museums, the Jade Museum and the Pre-Columbian Culture of the INS and the National Museum of Costa Rica, gathered in the initiative called Paseo de los Museos, the National Theater joins them, with a proposal for theatrical guided tour for the main historical and artistic spaces that the iconic building has.

The Museums of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, located under the Plaza de la Cultura, will be among the first to reopen their doors on Monday, June 8. It will have a temporary schedule that will allow the public to visit it from Monday to Friday from 9:15 a.m. at 5 p.m. Tickets can be previously purchased from Friday June 5 through the address, in addition, the Museum makes available the number 2243 4223 to support the purchase process.

For Costa Ricans and residents, the entrance will cost only 2,500 colones, and for students with ID it will continue to be 500 colones. Starting on August 24, they will resume free Wednesdays and Sundays 2×1. Foreigners will continue to pay $ 14 and foreign students $ 10.

The Museums of the Central Bank will keep the exhibition Picasso: Suite Vollard open until August 23. In addition to this international exhibition, those who visit the museum will be able to enjoy the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, the Numismatic Museum and, in its last days, the temporary exhibition Histories of Medals. As soon as access to the Plaza de la Cultura is enabled, you can also enjoy the Los Pelos exhibition and its representations displayed in this space.

For the following months, the Museums will open three new temporary exhibitions: Errors in the coins of Costa Rica, Emissaries of the Rain (archeology sample) and Reimagine: Make community (visual arts exhibition).

The educational services of loan of didactic bags and traveling exhibitions, as well as the telephone consultations for the Department of Education will be enabled from this same date. For now, work is underway to adapt the guided tours service.

The National Museum of Costa Rica will open its exhibitions to the public from Tuesday, June 16, both in the old Bellavista Barracks in San José, and in the site Museum headquarters located at Finca 6, Palmar Sur de Osa.


The hours will be from Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 4.30 pm. at headquarters and from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm in Osa.

This Museum is working on the payment platform, a process that is very advanced, however, it announces that if the platform is not ready by June 16, entry to both venues will be free temporarily and until payment is online enabled. Once online shopping is enabled, tickets to both venues can be purchased on the website The recommendation is to consult the form of payment at 2211-5700, on institutional social networks or at

In the National Museum, San José headquarters, you can enjoy the exhibitions of “Pre-Columbian History”, “History of Costa Rica, XVI-XXI centuries”, “Orchids” by Emil Span and soon the exhibitions “Soft Barriers” by the national artist Federico Blacksmith and “Masters of the night, nocturnal animals”.

At Finca 6 headquarters in Palmar Sur de Osa, visitors will have access to both the visitor center, where they will be able to observe the exhibition “Diquís, a singular region”, as well as enter the archaeological site and tour the pre-Columbian mounds, the alignments with stone spheres and the exhibition of spheres.

Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture Museum

Museo JADE

The Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture Museum, located on the west side of the Plaza de la Democracia, will open for free from June 15 to 30 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with prior reservation.

From July 1, visitors can purchase their tickets through the website

The Jade Museum offers 5 permanent exhibition rooms with pre-Columbian pieces of jade, pottery and stone. The “El Jade” room emphasizes the role that the jade pieces and other associated materials had in the indigenous development of the human groups settled in the territory of Costa Rica. The exhibition “El Día” is a sample of everyday objects, which seek to highlight the activities related to people’s daily lives, their relationship with animals and the natural environment.

The “La Noche” room alludes to the spirit world, the supernatural, shamanic, funeral rites and the theme of war, the “Ancient Memory” room addresses topics such as: The role of gender, sexuality, clothing focused on body decoration and outfits and shows a collection of musical instruments used for parties and celebrations.

Finally, the store that can be visited is a room, the objects in ceramics, stone and jade are arranged in a set of showcases and drawers, according to the three different archaeological regions of Costa Rica from which they come.

The information of the Jade Museum can be consulted on the page, at the email or by phone 2521-6610.

National theater

Teatro Nacional

The Theater will open its season of dramatized guided tours from Wednesday, July 1, the opening hours will be announced shortly. Each visit will not exceed the maximum of 10 people and those interested must buy the tickets in advance through the number 2010-1110.

The price of admission for nationals and foreigners will be communicated through the social networks of the National Theater. Tours are offered in both English and Spanish.

The visit recounts the history of the National Theater starting in 1832 and explains the construction and all the details of this project of a society, which began in 1891 and ended in 1897. A guide accompanied by different characters, which begins in the first lobby, go to the main room, to thoroughly explore the foyer and the boxes.

Tourists receive historical and curious data from the different areas of the Theater, which give them historical perspective and awareness of the value of this

patrimonial space, but mainly it reminds each one of the visitors that this National Theater is theirs.

In all 4 institutions, measures will be taken to comply with admission and capacity protocols, including:

· The capacity will not exceed 50% of the institutional capacity, each cultural center must define the number of visitors per room at the same time, security will be attentive to social distancing due to bubbles.

· That same distance of 2 meters will be requested in the entrance rows.

· The entrance of people who manifest symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing will not be allowed. For this, temperature monitoring will be performed.
· Strategic spaces will be labeled to remind you of handwashing, sneezing and social distancing protocols.
· Soap, alcohol gel and towels will be permanently maintained in sanitary services and strategic areas.

· High traffic spaces will be cleaned frequently, as well as handrails, counters and any other that has frequent contact with visitors.

We ask the visitor

· Abide by the measures of the personnel of the institutions.

· When entering the museum, other recommendations must be followed that are indicated by means of labeling regarding the tour of the rooms, the use of the facilities and interactive resources.

· Ensure social distancing from other people or bubbles

· Do not visit any of the Museums or the Theater if you have cold symptoms.

· Wash hands both when entering and periodically during the tour.

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