Museo del Territorio Indigena Rey Curré reopens its doors.

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After three years of being closed, due to the effects caused by tropical storm Nate, the Yímba Cájc Indigenous Community Museum, located in Rey Curré, in Buenos Aires, Puntarenas province, will reopen its doors to the public, this Saturday 28 November, to show the enormous historical and cultural wealth that this community has.

This community museum opened on April 24, 2015; however, due to the floods that Nate generated in October 2017, its facilities were affected, so it was closed for remodeling.

In this museum, the national and foreign visitor will be able to see exhibitions on the ancient history of the community, aspects associated with the local archaeological legacy, community genealogy, uses of medicinal plants, art and indigenous worldview, as well as the experiences that their ancestors had in their trips along the Grande de Térraba river to go to the coasts, among other topics.

Reopening activity. To celebrate the reopening, the Rey Curré Indigenous Development Association organized a series of artistic and cultural activities, as well as food and drinks typical of the community.

The offer will include live traditional music, among other activities, this Saturday, November 28, from 9 a.m. at 2 p.m. As reported by the Development Association, it is a free activity, open to the public, with strict compliance with the guidelines and protocols requested by the Ministry of Health, for the spread of COVID19.

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